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Find your Parking Spot at Ezeiza International Airport

The Parking Lots of the Main Airport in Buenos Aires

Three parking lots serve the three terminal buildings of Ezeiza Airport. Additionally, a long-term parking area is available to passengers wishing to leave their car for a longer period of time, along with a waiting parking zone for motorists waiting to pick up passengers. Thus, which EZE airport car park will be your choice?

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EZE Airport E1 Car Park

Ezeiza airport’s Parking E1 lies furthest from the terminals. Still, it is located a 4-minute walking distance from terminal A and approximately 9 minutes from terminal C. The parking lot is open and equipped with 1660 parking spots. It is considered to be the ideal option for long-term parking (not exceeding one week), as it is relatively close to terminals and cheaper than the E2 car park.

EZE Airport E2 Car Park

Ezeiza airport’s Car Park E2 is a covered multi-story parking facility serving EZE passengers’ needs. The parking lot has 4 levels and an uncovered patio and offers a total of 713 parking spaces. E2 is to be found closer to terminal B, handling at the same time the parking requirements of passengers leaving from the other two EZE terminals.

EZE Airport E3 Car Park

The closest to terminal A parking lot, Car Park E3, is a “member parking” addressed to passengers with a member pass. It has 340 sheltered parking spaces while offering 50 more uncovered parking spots.

EZE Airport Long-term Car Park – E4 Parking Lot

A long-term parking area is provided to passengers interested in leaving their car at the airport for a significant period of time. E4 is 1km away from Ezeiza airport’s terminals and is connected to the terminals’ doors via the airport shuttle bus. Verily, the free airport shuttle takes 5 minutes to reach terminal A and 10 minutes to get to terminal C. Alternatively, the distance can be traversed on foot. In that case, though, passengers need 17 minutes to get to terminal A and 22 minutes to terminal C. The long-stay parking lot of Ministro Pistarini International Airport is uncovered with a 900-parking spot capacity and is available only upon previous reservation. In fact, bookings can be made up to 12 hours before the scheduled arrival time. Moreover, the parking offers three booking options: for 7 days, 14 days or 21 days respectively. 

Note: The airport shuttle bus isn’t operational at the moment.

Ezeiza International Airport Waiting Parking Zone

Right in the middle of E4 lies the waiting zone of EZE Airport, an open area with 125 parking spaces addressed to motorists waiting to pick up passengers arriving at Buenos Aires Airport. The service is complimentary for the first hour, while after that time, parking is charged according to the E4 price list. The waiting zone is kitted with screens displaying the airport’s Arrivals and Departures as well as a food truck.

More Parking Services at Buenos Aires Airport

Buenos Aires Airport offers many side parking services. From mechanic support to valet services, passengers can opt for the amenities in need:

  • Mechanic support: the airport offers assistance, including tire changes, checking the tires’ air pressure, or even battery repair. (Contact number: 011 5480-6111)
  • Valet services: valet services are provided in the area in front of terminal A and cost 1000AR$(5.36$/5€). The valet option comes with one hour of free parking.
  • Electric car charging: a charging station is to be found near the E3 parking area, suitable for electric and hybrid cars.

Buenos Aires Airport Parking Fees

Parking fares differ depending on the chosen parking facility. In general terms, parking at Ezeiza Airport is considered really cheap, especially when compared to other European or American airports. Payments can be made in cash or via credit/debit cards, while mobile payments are also an option available at any of the automatic machines lying around the parking zones. Please keep in mind that no matter the parking lot, the first 15 minutes are out of charge.

EZE Parking Fees

Parking AreaMotorcycleCarTruck/SUV
E1*First 15': free
*Per hour: 170AR$(0.91$/0.84€)
*Per day: 800AR$(4.30$/4€)
*First 15': free
*Per hour: 600AR$(3.22$/3€)
*Per day: 3600AR$(19.30$/17.80€)
*First 15': free
*Per hour: 900AR$(4.82$/4.45€)
*Per day: 4500AR$(24.10$/22.30€)
E2*First 15 minutes: free
*Per hour: 200AR$(1.07$/1€)
*Per day: 1000AR$(5.36$/5€)
*First 15 minutes: free
*Per hour: 700AR$(3.75$/3.50€)
*Per day: 3850AR$(20.60$/19€)
*First 15 minutes: free
*Per hour: 1000AR$(5.36$/5€)
*Per day: 5000AR$(26,80$/24.76€)

Long-Term Parking E4

Parking Area7 Days14 Days21 Days

Our Tip: Persons with disabilities benefit from a discount on their parking fees as long as they have the International Symbol of Access (either on the vehicle or on their phone) and are present inside the car. 


How do I leave my car at the airport?

Parking your vehicle at Ezeiza Airport isn’t challenging. The open Car Park E1 and the multi-story E2 lie close to terminals and are easily accessible when entering the airport complex. Alternatively, if you aim at the ultimate luxury parking experience, you can benefit from the airport valet services, paying an extra 1000AR$(5.36$/5€).

Can you leave your car at the airport for a week?

Parking your car at EZE Airport comes with no time limit. Thus, you can leave your vehicle there for a week or even more. Nevertheless, if you intend to reserve a parking spot for up to 7 days, you should opt for Car Parks E1 or E2. Conversely, for weekly bookings, the long-term E4 would be your option.

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