Transportation from Buenos Aires Airport to City Center

Buenos Aires Airport (EZE)Transportation

Transfer Options from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires

When it comes to transfers from Buenos Aires International Airport to the city center, the options are few, yet they suit each passenger’s personal preferences and needs. Thus, if you want a fast and efficient transfer option, you should hire an airport taxi or a remis, while if you want a value-for-money transportation mode, private shuttle buses should be ideal for you. Additionally, if you value comfort above everything, a private airport transfer should be your choice, while Buenos Aires airport car rentals are favored by passengers opting for independent rides and autonomous transfers. On the other hand, if you are on a really tight budget and don’t mind hassle and delays, Buenos Aires urban colectivos (city buses) will get you to Buenos Aires downtown affordably (still, not comfortably).


OptionsPrice (AR$)Price ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi80004239.6035 min
Tienda León Shuttles250013.4012.3850 min
Urban Colectivos850.460.4260-75 min

Buenos Aires Airport to City Center by Taxi

A Buenos Aires airport taxi is a comfortable way to travel from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires. Airport taxis are lining up at the taxi ranks located outside the terminal buildings, waiting to serve EZE airport’s passengers, no matter the day or the time. Costing approximately 8000AR$(42$/39.60€), the metered Buenos Aires taxis charge according to the taximeter’s indication. Hence, factors such as heavy traffic or demonstrations (an ordinary phenomenon in Buenos Aires) affect the final fare. What’s more, rides from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am are 20% costlier, meaning that a night journey with a taxi from Buenos Aires International Airport to the city center usually costs 9500AR$(50$/47€). As far as luggage is concerned, one piece of baggage (0.90X0.40 X 0.30) isn’t extra charged. However, more than one piece of luggage brings an extra fee. Unfortunately, most taxi drivers accept only cash payments, while their English knowledge is often non-existent.

On the other hand, the local remises are another option for your transfer to Buenos Aires. Remises aren’t but local private vehicles, which are prepaid and offer set prices depending on the destination’s distance. To hire one, you have to book it online or head to one of the remis companies’ booths, lying in all three airport terminals, next to customs. At the remis desks, you’ll be given a ticket allowing you to grab your remis taxi. Overall, remises are considered much safer than ordinary taxis, as they offer fixed rates and monitored vehicles by the remis companies. Moreover, they accept payments in cash and via bank cards. On the other hand, they are slightly costlier. A remis ride to the city center will cost you around 9500AR$-10500AR$(50$-56$/47€-52€).

Our Tip: Please reject any transfer proposal from individual taxi drivers approaching you at the airport doors as they intend to scam or overcharge you. All in all, unlicensed taxis in Buenos Aires are dangerous. Thus, you should always stick to the black and yellow taxis with the company’s logo on their doors. Taxis with a “Radio-Taxi” sign on their roof are usually recommended as you can be sure that they belong to a company’s fleet and are being checked by it. 

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Buenos Aires Airport to City Center by Bus

Buenos Aires public urban buses (urban colectivos) are the cheapest way to travel around the city. Bus Line 8 connects Ministro Pistarini International Airport to the city center and, specifically, to Plaza del Congreso and Plaza de Mayo. Buses leave from the airport bus stand situated near terminal B every 32 minutes from 07:00 am to 08:52 pm. However, on Saturdays, they run on an hourly basis from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm, while on Sundays and public holidays, they are out of operation. Their routes last around 60-75 minutes under normal traffic conditions, whereas when the traffic levels are high, their journey can last up to 2 hours! Please note that Bus 8 makes multiple routes: Bus 8E heads to Buenos Aires via the highway (expreso por Autopista bus 8E). On the contrary, Bus 8A also reaches Av. de Mayo y Perú but passes through all the in-between barrios, making multiple stops on its way. Therefore, the journey from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires lasts twice as long. Another reason why public buses are considered highly inconvenient is their lack of luggage space. What’s more, they often get crowded. Thus, you should be prepared to travel standing.

Buenos Aires buses charge according to the number of stops until the disembarking point. Nevertheless, the ticket for Bus 8E costs as much as 85AR$(0.46$/0.42€). However, you can’t pay for your ticket in cash, but you have to buy a reloaded SUBE Card, available at the airport’s Open 25 hs Drugstores or the Tourist offices, at the price of 490AR$(2.63$/2.43€). Once buying the card, you must load it with money, either at the automatic airport machines using cash or via the SUBE app if you want to pay with a credit card. SUBE cards can be used by multiple passengers. Do you wonder how to use the SUBE card? Enter the bus by its front door and hand the card over to the driver, who will charge it with the appropriate amount of money. 

Our Tip: When traveling via urban colectivos, you should always be aware of potential pickpockets. 

Buenos Aires Airport to City Center by Private Shuttles

Manuel Tienda León Shuttle Buses are undoubtedly the number one choice of EZE airport’s passengers looking for a low-cost, still comfortable way to travel from Buenos Aires Airport to city center. The comfy shuttles, equipped with adequate storage space, leave the bus stand adjacent to terminal B every 60-90 minutes, depending on the time of the day, and head to terminal Madero. Running from 06:00 am to 10:30 pm, they get to their terminus in about 50 minutes if the roads aren’t congested. Moreover, Manuel Tienda León offers supplementary door-to-door services from terminal Madera to the hotel. However, you’ll have to change to a remis taxi vehicle or a minibus. 

The tickets for those shuttles are available online or through the airport’s ticket desks. Those selling points are to be found behind the customs of the TA Arrivals level and close to the baggage claim area of TC. The ticket’s price is 2500AR$(13.40$/12.38€). 

Our Tip: Shuttle buses are preferred by many travelers. Therefore, the waiting line for a bus can be long. In fact, you may have to wait for the next route if all the seats are occupied.

Car Rental from Buenos Aires Airport to City Center

A Buenos Aires airport car rental is a good idea only if you plan on visiting the city’s surrounding areas. In any case, Ezeiza Airport offers plenty of car rental options. Thus, if you value independent rides highly, you can check and compare the airport car rental companies to end up with the ideal option for you.

Thus, after picking up your rented vehicle, you’ll follow the AU Tte. Gral. Pablo Riccheri/RN A002 for 16km before taking the Au Luis Dellepiane. Continuing your way to Au 25 de Mayo, after 7km you’ll take the Exit towards Av. Entre Ríos/Centro. From that point, you’ll follow the local roads to your exact destination.

The estimated time for your ride from Buenos Aires Airport to city center is 35 minutes if the traffic levels are normal. Please note that your route includes tolls. Once arriving at your destination, you should search for an “estacionamento” -a car park to leave your Buenos Aires car rental-, as parking on the street is usually paid and not safe enough.

Private Airport Transfers from Buenos Aires Airport to City Center

If Buenos Aires airport taxis and remises are comfortable, a private Buenos Aires airport transfer is the utmost convenient transfer experience from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires. Settle on one of the plenty of private transfer companies operating at the EZE Airport, book your private transfer, and enjoy a stress-free ride to your hotel, benefitting from top services and fixed fares.


How far is the airport from downtown Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires International Airport is located rather far from downtown. Thus, the distance between the airport and the city center is around 31km or a 30-minute drive under normal traffic.

How do I get from Buenos Aires Airport to the city Center?

You can choose among the airport taxis, the local remises, the public Bus 8E, or the private shuttles for your transfer from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires. Alternatively, plenty of car rental agencies and private transfer companies offer their services at EZE Airport.

How much is a taxi from Buenos Aires Airport to downtown?

The metered Buenos Aires airport taxis will charge you approximately 8000AR$(42$/39.60€) for your transfer from Buenos Aires Airport to city center. On the other hand, the slightly costlier local remises will offer you set prices, depending on each company’s price table. Overall, you can expect to pay around 9500AR$-10500AR$(50$-56$/47€-52€).