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The Ultimate Transfer Experience from Ezeiza Airport to your Destination

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Private Airport Transfers from Ministro Pistarini International Airport

EZE airport transfers are fully appreciated by passengers looking for an efficient, fast, and luxurious way to travel from Ezeiza Airport to their destination. Verily, travelers opting for top-rated services usually do their research, contrast the available private transfer companies and finally, book the ride that best suits their needs and budget. In that way, once landing at Buenos Aires Airport, their driver is waiting for them just outside the baggage claim area, and their reserved vehicle is parked right outside the terminal’s doors. Enjoying door-to-door rides at fixed prices without hidden costs, they reach their accommodation hassle-free, while they are given useful hints and tips about their stay in Buenos Aires.

Should you book an Ezeiza Airport Transfer?

So, what are the advantages that distinguish private transfers from other airport transportation modes, and why are they considered the most comfortable way to travel from the airport?

Mode of TransportConvenienceJourney Duration

SafetySide AmenitiesCostVehicle’s Condition
Private Transfers
Public Transport

Convenience: Even though taxis offer fast and comfortable rides, they can’t be compared to EZE airport transfers. Having your driver waiting for you no matter the day or time -even if your flight is delayed- carrying your luggage, and showing you the way to the vehicle parked outside the airport’s doors is the most hassle-free way to transfer from the airport.

Journey Duration: The journey with public buses (urban colectivos) can last up to 2 hours, while even the efficient private airport shuttles need at least 50 minutes to reach terminal Madero. If you also take into account the time needed to reach the exact location of your destination, it is obvious that as far as time is concerned, taxis and private airport transfers are the most time-saving options. However, as fast as taxi rides may be, you still have to wait in line for a taxi at the airport taxi stands. Even if you opt for a remis, you have to head to a remis booth and make a reservation. Thus, Ezeiza airport transfers are the undeniable winners when it comes to fast airport journeys.

Safety: Even though the pre-booked and prepaid remises offer safe rides, EZE airport transfers are still the most secure transferring option. With a private transfer, you don’t risk getting scammed or overcharged, while each company cherry-picks its drivers to guarantee totally safe services.

Side Amenities: English-speaking drivers, quick city tours, and water or other product offers are only some of the side amenities provided by private transfer companies. What’s more, during the booking process, you get to choose the vehicle type of your preference. Do you want to travel with a luxury model or a spacious SUV? It’s up to you!

Cost: Ezeiza airport transfers are costlier, even in comparison to the remis vehicles. Still, they remain a value-for-money option, while they are low-cost when compared to similar services provided in European or USA cities. Thus, if your budget isn’t really tight, an EZE airport transfer should remain your number one transfer option.

Vehicle’s Condition: Airport taxis are usually old cars, often not well-maintained and not in good condition. Conversely, the fleet of each private transfer company consists of top-class vehicles, which pass frequent inspections to secure their good condition and functioning.

EZE Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

The cost is considered Ezeiza airport transfers’ main disadvantage. For example, a taxi ride from Buenos Aires Airport to city center costs 8000AR$(42$/39.60€) (the same journey with a remis should be priced at 9500AR$-10500AR$(50$-56$/47€-52€), whereas a private EZE airport transfer to Buenos Aires downtown comes with an approximate 13000AR$(70$/64.50€) fee. Nevertheless, private airport transfers aren’t metered or dependent on traffic levels while offering safe services without the risk of getting scammed or overcharged. Hence, they totally justify their fares, being the top-rated option for travelers valuing highly convenience, reliability, and quality.

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  • Local English-speaking drivers
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  • Flight monitoring for delays
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Ezeiza Airport Transfer to Hotel

It is now clear that EZE airport transfers are the ultimate choice for an unwinding and hassle-free transfer from Ezeiza International Airport to your accommodation in Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, if you want to make your journey less costly, you should check if your hotel offers free airport rides. In that case, booking a private transfer is an unnecessary expense. 


What is a private transfer from the airport?

Private airport transfers are scheduled transfers from and to the airport. The procedure is simple: you pre-book your transfer choosing the vehicle you prefer and selecting the day and time for your transport. Thus, an assigned driver will be waiting for your arrival at the pick-up point, to drive you to your destination fast, safe and hassle-free.

How much does an airport transfer cost?

An EZE airport transfer is perhaps the pricier way to reach your hotel after landing at Ezeiza Airport. Nevertheless, the provided services totally justify the extra cost. In any case, the price for your ride is subject to the chosen company’s price list, as well as to factors such as the vehicle’s type, the final destination, etc.