Buenos Aires Airport Shuttle Bus

The One and Only Public Transportation Mode from Buenos Aires International Airport

Shuttles and Buses from and to Ministro Pistarini International Airport​

As EZE Airport isn’t connected to Buenos Aires via the undoubtedly efficient Buenos Aires subway network (subtes), the urban public buses and the Manuel Tienda León shuttles are the only low-cost options to reach the city center. In fact, urban Buenos Aires buses (colectivos or bondis) are the cheapest transportation mode. However, their time-consuming routes make them far less popular among travelers than the Tienda León costlier yet more convenient and fast shuttles.

The Low-Cost Urban Buses (Colectivos) from Ezeiza Airport

Two urban bus lines link Buenos Aires Airport to the city center. Buses 8 and 51 depart from the airport bus stop located right in front of terminal B and head in different directions.

  • Bus 8 is the one traveling to the center of Buenos Aires. Specifically, it can take you to Plaza del Congreso and Plaza de Mayo. Buses leave the airport every 32 minutes on weekdays, from 07:00 am to 08:52 pm, and every hour on Saturdays, from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm. The bus isn’t running on Sundays and during public holidays. Overall, it is the cheapest way to reach Buenos Aires downtown, yet is very time-consuming as its route lasts approximately 60-75 minutes if the road traffic is smooth. Moreover, it often gets crowded, meaning that you may have to travel standing.

Important Note: Please remember that the above-mentioned info concerns the expreso por Autopista bus line 8E, which travels via the highway. If you choose the almost around-the-clock bus line 8A, the traveling time will be double. 

  • Bus 51 connects Ministro Pistarini Airport to the barrio of Constitución. The bus runs with a 30-60-minute frequency, from 04:00 am to 09:51 pm during the week, and on an hourly basis, from midnight to 11:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

Our Tip: If you opt for an urban bus, please always keep an eye on your personal belongings, as the risk of getting pickpocketed is high.

Private Manuel Tienda León Shuttle Services from Buenos Aires Airport

Conversely to urban buses, the Buenos Aires airport shuttle services provided by Manuel Tienda León are faster, more convenient, and, in general terms, much more popular among EZE airport passengers. Manuel Tienda León fleet consists of comfy buses with adequate luggage space. Those shuttles not only link the airport to Buenos Aires downtown but also connect the two city’s airports (EZE and AEP). Leaving from the bus stop of terminal B, buses head either to terminal Madero or to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery. Shuttles with terminal Madero as their journey’s end operate from 06:00 am to 10:30 pm with 60-90-minute intervals and need approximately 50 minutes to reach their final stop under normal road traffic. On the other hand, buses linking the two airports run every 30-90 minutes, from 06:00 am to 10:30 pm. However, their journey lasts approximately 80 minutes if the roads aren’t congested. 

Finally, passengers heading to La Plata, Mar del Plat, and Rosario can also benefit from Manuel Tienda León shuttle services. However, the bus itineraries to those destinations aren’t fixed but depend on the airport’s international flight schedule.

Our Tip: Have you settled on Manuel Tienda León Buenos Aires airport shuttles but still want door-to-door services? Once arriving at terminal Madero, you can use a Tienda León minivan or remis to reach the exact location of your hotel.

Buenos Aires Airport Shuttle Bus Tickets

Tickets for Urban Colectivos

To begin with, you can’t pay for your bus ticket in cash. Conversely, you have to buy a rechargeable SUBE Card, costing 490AR$(2.63$/2.43€). Sube cards are available at the Open 25 hs Drugstores of the airport (you’ll find them in all terminals) or via the Tourist Desks. After buying the card, you can load it either using the SUBE app via a bank card or the automatic airport machines only in cash. Once entering the bus, the driver will charge SUBE depending on your final destination (Buenos Aires buses charge according to the number of stops until the disembarking point). Good news! SUBE Card isn’t personal but can be used by multiple passengers!

As far as airport bus rides are concerned, a ticket for Bus Line 8 from EZE Airport to Av. de Mayo y Perú costs 85AR$(0.46$/0.42€), while Bus 51 charges 48AR$(0.26$/0.24€) for route to Constitución. 

Our Tip: Please remember that you’ll have to use the front door to enter the bus so that the driver will charge your SUBE card. The other two back doors are only for disembarking.

Tickets for Manuel Tienda León Shuttles

Tickets for Manuel Tienda León Buenos Aires airport shuttles are available at EZE terminals A and C. Specifically, the ticket booths lie at the TA Arrivals area (behind the customs), on the public side, and near the baggage claim zone of TC. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased via the company’s website. The price for the bus ride to terminal Madero is 2500AR$(13.40$/12.38€), while if you want to transfer from one airport to the other to catch a domestic flight, you’ll have to pay 2700AR$(14.47$/13.37€). 

Our Tip 1: Manuel Tienda León shuttles are very popular among Buenos Aires airport passengers. Hence, the waiting line for a bus may be long, and you may have to wait for the next upcoming route.

Our Tip 2: The ticket price includes one piece of luggage and one handbag. 


How to pay for the bus in Buenos Aires?

In Buenos Aires, you can’t just purchase a bus ticket. Firstly, you have to buy a rechargeable SUBE card and top it up with money. Thus, when you enter the bus, the driver will pass your card, charging it the appropriate amount for your ride.

How much does the bus cost in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires buses charge according to the number of bus stops until the destination. Hence, a bus ride with the public Bus Line 8 from Ezeiza Airport to the city center costs 85AR$(0.46$/0.42€).