Ezeiza Airport Taxis

Everything you Should Know Before Taking a Buenos Aires Airport Taxi

To Begin with: Ezeiza Airport Taxi or “Remis”?

Besides the classical taxis, “remis” also circulate in Buenos Aires, serving Ministro Pistarini International Airport as well. So, what a remis actually is? A remis (car and driver) isn’t but a private car, operating rides to the destination of the client’s choice. Thus, are remis and taxis the same thing? No. While Ezeiza airport taxis are metered and have their price formed by the taximeter, remises offer set prices according to the distance between the pick-up point and the destination’s location. Moreover, the fare for the remises services must be prepaid either online or at one of the company’s official desks. Nevertheless, which are the pros and cons of each option?


Remis ProsTaxi Pros
Fixed fares -no chance of getting scammed.Lower fares than remises and public transportation.
In advance payments give you absolute control of the cost of your ride. Is it inside your budget or not?You can just grab the taxi (no need to make a reservation or take a ticket from the company’s booth).
Payments in cash and via bank cards.Door-to-door services.
Door-to-door services.Your personal items won’t be exposed.
Totally safe for you and your personal belongings as well.Comfortable transfers.
100% licensed vehicles.24/7 services
Utmost convenience (no need to carry your luggage or try to find your hotel from the bus stop).
Always available at the airport.
Remis ConsTaxi Cons
Slightly costlier than ordinary taxis.Scams are a regular phenomenon.
Certainly high-priced compared to buses.It is difficult to distinguish an unofficial taxi.
No set prices. Traffic can hike up the final fee.
Payments are usually accepted only in cash.

Remis and Taxi Companies Present at EZE Airport

Take a look at the official remis and taxi companies operating at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport:

Remis Companies

  • On Baires Transfer: (54 11) 5480-1215, (54 11) 2338-6874
  • REMIS Vip Cars: (54 11) 5480-4594
  • REMIS Manuel Tienda León:(5411) 4314-3636 / 4315-5115 y 0810-888-LEON (5366)
  • REMIS Transfer Express: (54 11) 5811-1986, 0800 4444 Transfer (872)

Taxi Companies

  • TAXIS Municipalidad de Ezeiza: (5411) 5480-0066
  • TAXIS Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires: (5411) 68515875

Note: Please take into account that Ezeiza Taxis are now offering set prices and pre-bookings too.

Ezeiza Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

The rates for remises services are fixed depending on the traveling distance. Factors such as traffic or waiting time don’t affect the final fares. Overall, each company has its own price list. Nevertheless, in general terms, a 35-minute remis ride from EZE Airport to Buenos Aires downtown usually costs around 9500AR$-10500AR$(50$-56$/47€-52€). 

To hire a remis, you have to book online in advance or head to one of the remis booths located inside the airport to make your reservation and receive the ticket allowing you to grab your remis vehicle. Payments are accepted both in cash and via credit/debit cards.

On the other hand, taxi prices are formed by the taximeter, depending on the distance and the traveling time. The fees are regulated by the government. Hence, the initial fare for a taxi ride is 351AR$(1.88$/1.74€), and the rate for every 200m is 35.10AR$(0.19$/0.17€). During the night shift (10:00 pm – 06:00 am), prices are 20% higher. Thus, the taxi transfer from Buenos Aires EZE Airport to the city center should cost 8000AR$(42$/39.60€) during the day and 9500AR$(50$/47€) during the night. Please note that one piece of luggage measuring 0.90X0.40 X 0.30 is out of charge, whereas every other piece of baggage brings an extra cost. Unfortunately, most taxi drivers only accept cash. 

Important Note: Due to the situation of inflation in Argentina, prices constantly change.

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Ezeiza Airport Taxi Rates to Popular Destinations

Buenos Aires airport taxis are metered. Thus, their prices aren’t set, but they depend on the exact location of the destination, the duration of the journey, the roads’ congestion, etc. In any case, the usual fares for the airport taxi ride to some of the most popular Buenos Aires destinations are as follows:


FromToPrice (AR$)Price ($)Price (€)Duration
Buenos Aires AirportBuenos Aires City Center 80004239.6035 min
Buenos Aires AirportAEP Airport9500504756 min
Buenos Aires AirportTigre9800524859 min
Buenos Aires AirportSan Isidro10000534963 min

Where are the Taxi Ranks at Buenos Aires Airport?

The official airport taxi ranks are located just outside the Arrivals area of all three EZE terminals. Conversely, if you opt for a remis transfer, you’ll find the remises kiosks at the terminals’ public areas, right next to the customs.

Should I Take an Individual Taxi from Ezeiza Airport?

Under no circumstances should you trust an individual taxi driver. As soon as you exit the airport’s doors, many alleged taxi drivers will approach you offering tempting deals to transfer you to your destination. You should always deny these proposals and look for an official taxi vehicle waiting at the airport taxi stand. Otherwise, you risk getting scammed or overcharged. Overall, although the so-called “Buenos Aires taxi mafia” is claimed to be an overstatement, trusting an unlicensed taxi in Buenos Aires is certainly risky and dangerous. Thus, unless you opt for a remis, you should pick either a white Ezeiza vehicle or a black and yellow Buenos Aires taxi, checking its plate and spotting its official license as soon as you enter the cab. 

Airport Taxi from Ezeiza Airport to Hotel

Without any doubt, opting for a remis or an airport taxi for your transfer from Ezeiza Airport to your hotel is the most pleasant and comfortable way to reach your destination. Available around the clock, remises and taxis offer door-to-door services, while taxi drivers usually help passengers with their luggage by storing them carefully in the vehicle’s trunk. No hassle, no danger, no risk of getting pickpocketed, an airport taxi is the perfect way to end your journey to Buenos Aires and check in to your accommodation.

Useful and Important Tips about Ezeiza Airport Taxis

  • Once entering your cab, you should check if the taximeter is on. Many taxi drivers don’t reset the taximeter to overcharge their clients. 
  • At the end of the ride, check your receipt. Many travelers claim to have been given fake receipts or even blank pieces of paper.
  • Having your address written on paper is always recommended to avoid communication problems.
  • Many taxi drivers don’t accept payments via bank cards. Taxis equipped with a POS system have a sticker displaying “MercadoPago”. In any case, if you plan on paying with a credit card, you should let the driver know before beginning your journey.
  • Carry small bills with you. A usual taxi driver’s scam is to give back the wrong change or claim to be given a smaller bill.
  • Unless you hire a remis, you should be extra careful not to take a fake, unlicensed taxi. 
  • Some airport taxis may accept payments in American dollars.
  • Tipping is optional. Buenos Aires citizens usually round up the final fare.
  • Ezeiza airport taxis are metered. Thus, in case of heavy traffic or a demonstration (a usual phenomenon in Argentina), their price rises significantly. 
  • If the journey includes tolls, then the client has to pay for them.
  • Ridesharing at Buenos Aires Airport is generally not recommended.


How much does a taxi cost from Buenos Aires Airport?

An ordinary airport taxi usually charges approximately 8000AR$(42$/39.60€) for the journey from Buenos Aires EZE Airport to downtown. Overall, Buenos Aires taxis are metered. Consequently, factors such as heavy luggage, traffic, waiting time, and night transfers affect their final cost.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Argentina?

Passengers aren’t obligated to tip the taxi drivers. However, Argentinians often round up the final fee if they are content with their ride. Thus, tipping your driver is totally up to you!

Do taxis take credit cards in Buenos Aires?

Remises vehicles accept both cash and credit cards for their services. Taxis usually aren’t equipped with a POS system. Thus, they can be paid only in cash. Taxis accepting bank cards should have a sticker on them displaying “MercadoPago”.