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Transfer Options from Ezeiza Airport to Palermo

Palermo is one vast neighborhood located on the north side of Buenos Aires, 7-8km from Plaza de Mayo and adjacent to the barrio of Recoleta. Palermo itself is subdivided into smaller parts, with Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood being perhaps the most popular ones. Located within a 35-45-km distance from Ezeiza Airport (depending on the following route), Palermo can be reached directly from the main airport in Buenos Aires by taxi (or a local remis), private transfer, or via a car rental. The much cheaper public transportation option is highly time-consuming and indirect. Thus, passengers heading to Palermo can either take the urban Bus 8 and switch to the Green Subway Line D or use the private airport shuttles to terminal Madero and get to their final destination via the subway or a taxi.


OptionsPrice (AR$)Price ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi90004844.5750 min
Tienda León Shuttles + Subway258413.8012.8080 min
Urban Colectivos + Subway1270.680.63100 min

Buenos Aires Airport to Palermo by Taxi

One of the most convenient and fastest ways to get to Palermo in Buenos Aires is to hire an airport taxi. Ezeiza airport taxis are lining up 24/7 at the taxi ranks lying outside the doors of each one of the three terminals. They are metered, meaning that they don’t offer set prices. Instead, their fare is calculated by the taximeter and is affected by factors such as heavy traffic or closed roads due to demonstrations. Overall, a taxi ride from EZE Airport to Palermo costs 9000R$(48$/44.57€) during the day and 10800AR$(57.90$/53.50€) from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am. Moreover, luggage brings an extra fee. However, please note that one piece of luggage measuring 0.90X0.40 X 0.30 is out of charge. Payments are usually accepted only in cash, as most taxis aren’t equipped with a POS system.

The main disadvantage of Buenos Aires taxis is that taxi drivers tend to scam and overcharge passengers. In general terms, taxis in Buenos Aires aren’t considered the safest way of traveling. Nevertheless, if you have settled on a taxi transfer from the airport, you should absolutely deny any proposal made by random individual drivers, head to the taxi rank and take a black and yellow cab with a “RADIO-TAXI” sign on its roof, and the company’s logo displayed on its front and back doors.

The local remises

Another alternative is to use local remises instead of taxis. A remis is a private vehicle that provides prepaid and prebooked transfer services and belongs to a company’s fleet. To hire a remis at Ezeiza Airport, you have to reach one of the remis companies’ booths. They are to be found at the terminals’ Arrivals areas, next to customs. In that way, you’ll make your reservation and be given a ticket allowing you to hire a remis vehicle. Additionally, online in-advance bookings are also available. Remises are slightly more expensive than ordinary taxis. Hence, your ride to Palermo will cost you approximately 10500AR$-11500AR$(56$-61$/52€-57€). However, you’ll enjoy a safer journey, while having the possibility to pay via a credit card as well.

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Buenos Aires Airport to Palermo by Public Transportation (Bus + Subway)

The combination of urban colectivos (public buses) and the subway is by far the cheapest way to transfer from Buenos Airport to Palermo. However, it involves the most hassle at the same time. Explicitly, once landing at the airport, you’ll have to reach the bus stop located close to terminal B and take Bus Line 8E. Please pay attention to using the bus with the sign “por Autopista”, as this is a “semi-rapido” bus traveling via the highway. Otherwise, your journey will last twice as long. Buses run every 32 minutes from 07:00 am to 08:52 pm. On Saturdays, they operate every hour from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm, while on Sundays and public holidays, there are no available routes. Buses aren’t equipped with luggage space. Additionally, they often get crowded, resulting in passengers traveling standing. 

Once reaching the bus terminal at Avenida de Mayo y Chacabuco, you’ll have to walk 300m to Catedral Station and take the Green Subway Line D to Congreso Tucumán. After 10 stops, you will disembark at Palermo Station. Alternatively, you can choose the previous or next stops, depending on the exact location of your destination. Buenos Aires Subte D runs daily, from 05:30 am to 11:30 pm. 

All in all, your journey will last 90-100 minutes without taking waiting time into account. Bus 8E needs 60-75 minutes to reach its terminus (under normal traffic) and Subte Line D around 17 minutes to get to Palermo. However, the cost of the ride will be as much as 127AR$(0.68$/0.63€). The bus ticket costs 85AR$(0.46$/0.42€) until the terminal stop (urban colectivos charge according to the number of stops until the disembarking location), while a subway ticket is 42AR$(0.23$/0.21€). Please keep in mind that to use public transportation, you’ll have to buy a rechargeable SUBE Card. The card is priced at 490AR$(2.63$/2.43€) and is available at the airport’s kiosks and tourist offices. After buying the card, you’ll have to load it using the SUBE app or the automatic airport machines. The SUBE card isn’t personal but can be used by more than one passenger. 

Our Tip 1: The public transport option isn’t recommended. The journey is too long, and having your personal things exposed inside the bus or subway brings a high risk of getting pickpocketed. 

Our Tip 2: After validating your card and entering the subway station, you can switch to as many subway lines as you want without any extra charge (as long as you don’t exit the stations).

Buenos Aires Airport to Palermo by Private Shuttles

Unfortunately, neither Manuel Tienda León Shuttle Buses directly connect Buenos Aires Airport to Palermo. However, the shuttle buses are much more comfortable, with enough storage space, while their journey to terminal Madero in the city center lasts 50 minutes. With 60-90-minute itineraries, shuttles leave the airport bus stop from 06:00 am to 10:30 pm. 

After reaching terminal Madero, you’ll have to change to two subway lines. At Leandro N. Alem Station, you’ll hop on Red Line B to Carlos Pellegrini station, 2 minutes away. Leaving the station, you’ll walk to 9 de Julio Station, only a 2-minute walk away. There, you’ll take Green Subway Line D to Palermo Station. 

Overall, your journey will last 80 minutes, plus the waiting time for each transportation mode. The cost for your trip will be 2584AR$(13.80$/12.80€), which includes the 2500AR$(13.40$/12.38€) ticket for the Tienda León Shuttle, available online or through the airport’s ticket desks (near TA customs at Arrivals level and the baggage claim area of TC), and two subway tickets (since you’ll have to exit the station) costing 84AR$(0.45$/0.42€). It goes without saying that this option may be somewhat faster than the public bus, but still requires two changes of lines and is greatly inconvenient when traveling with heavy luggage. 

Our Tip: If you want a mid-range option, you can take the shuttle to terminal Madero and continue your way to Palermo via a taxi or remis.

Car Rental from Buenos Aires Airport to Palermo

Choosing one of the car rental options provided at Buenos Aires International Airport is a wise decision if your plans include leaving Buenos Aires and exploring the nearby areas. In that case, you should do your research and decide on the best Buenos Aires airport car rental deal after comparing the offers of the EZE car rental companies. When reaching your decision and after picking up your rental car, you can start your 50-minute ride to Palermo. Please keep in mind that the usually high traffic levels will affect the duration of your ride and that your route includes tolls.

Leaving the airport complex, you’ll take the Acceso A Aeropuerto towards AU Tte. Gral. Pablo Riccheri/RN A002. After 5 minutes, you’ll continue your way to Au Luis Dellepiane towards Tte. Coronel Casimiro Recuero. Following Tte. Coronel Casimiro Recuero, you’ll keep driving when the road turns slightly left and is renamed as Av. Carabobo, continuing to Av. Boyacá. Turning right to Cnel. Apolinario Figueroa and left to Av. Tte. Gral. Donato Álvarez, you’ll follow the local road to get to the exact location of your accommodation. As soon as you reach your destination, you should check the parking options for your Buenos Aires car rental. If your hotel doesn’t offer parking services, it is advisable to settle on a car park, as parking on the street can be risky.

Private Airport Transfers from Buenos Aires Airport to Palermo

Buenos Aires airport taxis are risky. Remises are safer. Still, they are not as secure as private Buenos Aires airport transfers. On the other hand, both taxis and remises are often old vehicles, not even well-maintained. Thus, why not opt for a private transfer from EZE Airport to your accommodation in Palermo? Not only will you travel in comfort, safety, and style inside a new car, but you’ll also enjoy many side services, such as a personalized welcome, luggage assistance, useful guidelines, etc.


How do I get from Eze Airport to Palermo?

The options for your ride from EZE Airport to Palermo include the convenient but rather expensive airport taxis and remises or the private Buenos Aires airport transfers, the autonomous car rentals, and the budget yet highly tedious public transportation. Therefore, if your budget is really tight, you can choose to combine the public Bus 8E and the Green Subte D or go for a private shuttle, which, nevertheless, requires two change of lines in the subway.

How much is a taxi from Ezeiza to Palermo?

The metered Buenos Aires taxis charge around 9000R$(48$/44.57€) for the ride from Ezeiza International Airport to Palermo. However, during the night (10:00 pm – 06:00 am), the fare rises to 10800AR$(57.90$/53.50€), while factors, such as many pieces of luggage or traffic, certainly affect the price.