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How to Find the Best Cheap Car Rental in Buenos Aires International Airport

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Car Rental at EZE Airport

Argentina’s biggest airport -Ministro Pistarini International Airport- naturally offers its passengers a wide variety of car rental options. International providers and local agencies operate at the airport. As a result, customers can come up with plenty of car rental vehicles along with tempting deals and bargains.

However, why should you rent a car for your Buenos Aires transfers? To start with, with a Buenos Aires airport car rental, you can go everywhere at your own rhythm and pace. No need to head to the closest subway or bus stop or search for a taxi (risking getting a fake one and being scammed) or wait for the first available public transport route. You simply enter your car and head to the exact location of your destination. Overcrowded buses and subway? Pickpockets? Heavy luggage? A car rental solves all those problems. Once renting your vehicle, you put your baggage in the trunk and start your journey in comfort. What type of car best suits your needs? By choosing the ideal car type for you and your current situation (are you traveling with children? do you have lots of baggage?), you secure convenient rides during your trip to Buenos Aires. Last but not least, do you want to explore all the hidden gems inside and outside the city limits? Exploring the area with a car rental couldn’t be easier!

Buenos Aires Airport Car Rental Companies

Are you looking for a global, well-known car rental company to rent your car at EZE Airport? Do you prefer national providers? Whatever your preferences are, Ezeiza Airport surely houses the car rental company of your choice:

Car Rental Company LocationService Hours
Alamo NationalArrivals of TA07:00 am - 11:00 pm
AvisArrivals of TA07:00 am -11:15 pm
Awto ArgentinaParking E3 ---
HertzArrivals of TA7:00 am - 11:00 pm
EuropcarParking E108:00 am -10:00 pm
LOCALIZA - Arribos NacionalesArrivals of TAArrivals of TA
06:00 am - midnight

SixtParking E107:00 am - 11:00 pm
(Saturday-Sunday: 07:00 am - 10:00 pm)
WONDER RENT A CARParking E106:00 am - midnight

Note: Those are the car rental agencies that have desks inside Ezeiza International Airport. Nevertheless, many other car rental companies provide their services at EZE Airport without having an office on site. 

Useful Tips about Buenos Aires Airport Car Rentals

  • Time is of great value when it comes to finding the best cheap car rental in Buenos Aires International Airport. Thus, you should make your reservation as soon as possible. In that way, you’ll find the top deals as well as many more rental car options.
  • The fuel-to-fuel policy can save you money. It is much cheaper to refill the car yourself, as car rental companies usually overcharge fuel. 
  • Return your car wisely so that you won’t get charged for an extra day. Car rental companies charge per 24h.
  • Take some pics of the vehicle to capture existing damages. 
  • Although Buenos Aires airport car rentals are usually slightly costlier, they remain the most convenient way to rent your car. Besides, if you opt for a taxi to the car rental pick-up location in the city, you may end up paying the same amount of money.
  • Many car rental agencies provide after-hours services (usually for an extra fee) or have a key drop location at the airport.
  • Check if your credit card offers car rental insurance coverage. In any case, insurance is absolutely necessary when renting a car.
  • Extra amenities (additional driver, GPS, Bluetooth, child seat, etc.) for your Buenos Aires airport car rental bring extra fees.
  • According to your needs and budget, you will find every car type at EZE Airport.
  • The necessary documents to rent a car at Ezeiza International Airport are your passport, your at least 2-year driver’s license, the booking voucher, and a credit card in your name. If the driver’s license isn’t written in Latin characters, you’ll have to issue an International Driving Permit and hand it over as well.
  • The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years, and the maximum is 75. However, young drivers usually have to pay an extra fee.
  • You should at all times respect the traffic rules. Drive on the right side of the road, wear your seatbelt (this rule concerns all the passengers), don’t speak on the phone (unless you have a hands-free system), and have the car’s lower beams always on. Otherwise, you risk getting fined. 
  • The alcohol limit is 0.05.
  • Please be always alert, as local drivers usually don’t respect traffic laws. For instance, the use of light signals is often out of the question!
  • In Buenos Aires’ two-way streets, left turns are usually not allowed.
  • Don’t be puzzled if you see many contradicting road signs on your way. Sometimes, when putting up a new sign, the city’s employees may forget to remove the old one!
  • You should always park your car in a well-lit spot to avoid potential auto thieves.


Is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or away from the airport?

Usually, renting a car at the airport is costlier than choosing another city’s location. However, it’s much more convenient. Moreover, by saving the cost of transportation to the picking up point, you may end up paying exactly the same.

Can I rent a car in Argentina?

If you are 21 years old and have a 2-year driving license, you are absolutely capable of renting a car at Buenos Aires International Airport. Please remember that you’ll also need a credit card and your passport and that if your license isn’t written in the Roman alphabet, an International Driving Permit will be required as well.